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HSA Thermal Inkjet

thermal inkjet heads

Premium Features

Robust and compact design

The printhead is made from hard anodised aluminium with a CrN-treated aluminium footplate. The printhead can be positioned closer to the conveyor belt than other printheads, as the distance from the nozzles to the bottom edge is minimised.

One cable per 4 joined heads

Unlike other joined printheads available on the market, HSAJET® Premium printheads are designed to have more combined features than just single stalls being placed side by side. The printheads are linked together so all communication is sent to one stall, which distributes data via a small internal ribbon cable. This minimises the number of cables. The joined heads need only one cable for every 4 stalls. The same single cable is used for communication and power.

Keypad with LED on each individual printhead

From the printhead keypad, each cartridge can be purged, regardless of whether the printhead consists of a single stall or stacked stalls. An LED indicator illuminates when the ink level is low, and it can be reset from the keypad once the cartridge has been replaced.

Secure and easy cartridge replacement

The easy-shift feature enables the print cartridge to be replaced with one hand, without the use of a latch. The design facilitates correct insertion of the cartridge. A combination of magnets and a spring ensures the correct position of the print cartridge when inserted.



  • Product sensor
  • Guide wheel
  • Footplate for double sensor input
  • Distributor box (for connection of 3 or more printheads to CB6e
  • Mounts for printheads
  • Telescope mountkit
  • Tangential arm
  • Bridges
  • HP45 ink catridges

Technical Details

HP TIJ 2.5
Print Height
12.7mm (1/2") per pen
12.7mm - 127mm / 1 to 10 pens
Print distance
0.5 - 5.0mm dependant on ink and speed (nozzle to print surface)
Anadised aluminium
Nano-treated aluminium
Standard cables
1m, 3m, 5m and 10m
Hi Power cables
5m and 10m
Weight & dimensions
See datasheet



MiniTouch Features

No time between prints

While the first print is being executed, you are able to set up the next layout for printing. Once the first layout has been printed, you can execute the prepared layout right away.

Robust design

The elegant black aluminium casing underlines the robust design, making it perfect for installation in production environments. A USB port is positioned on the side of the MiniTouch. A small cover protects it when not in use.

Advanced administrator options in software

Flexible user-level management guarantees that the correct data is printed. You are also able to grant user rights as desired and protect the data with a unique password. In addition, content may be filled using a prompt, which as an optional feature, must be validated by a different user to guarantee accuracy.

Easy to intergrate and use

The controller’s small size enables it to fit wherever you want it. Using cables up to 15 m long, the controller can be mounted far from the actual point of printing. It can be operated straight from the touch interface or by using the remote controlling protocol, providing yet another integration tool.

The controller is preloaded with a number of language files to provide menus in different languages, as well as regional month and day names.


HP TIJ 2.5
Print height
up to 50.8mm (2")
1, 2, 3 or 4-pen Premium printheads
100 - 240 VAC
5.7" colour touch screen
Design software
MiniDraw (PC) or on controller
Black powder coated aluminum
0.8KG (incl. PSU 1.5KG)
(mm) 145 x 135 x 36