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Who are we

Digital Print Ltd. was formed in 1987 to provide sales and support for high speed industrial Variable Data Print Systems. Starting with the Eagle RIP driving the Delphax 2460 print engine and moving on to the Delphax X150. With the introduction of the Delphax X150 this gave a higher print resolution, reliability and print quality.

With the introduction of Drop On Demand print technology including UV cureable ink Digital Print can offer solutions for a wide range of applications.

To complement the range we also introduced HP's Thermal technology providing 600 Dpi resolution in print width steps of 0.5 inches. Moving Digital Print into new markets including Mail and Packaging. With the introduction of HP's new Thermal Ink Jet System Digital Print has now a replacement for the Delphax engine with the TIJ850 offering 8.5 inch print width of resolutions up to 600 Dpi.

With the introduction of faster, wider and higher resolution DOD print heads we are able to provide solutions to suit the application, our own developed range includes the 600dpi UV or Water based with print width fully stitched in multiples of 216mm. Providing a market leading product for the Industrial Printing Industry.

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  • Back numbering
  • Pharmacuetical
  • Track and trace
  • Direct Mail
  • Read and Print
  • Paper /Plastic cards
  • Lottery tickets
  • Tickets, tags and labels
  • Security print
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