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The 1170 Series colour printers

1170 color printer

The SA1170

The SA1170 is the printhead used on the AP1170, CP1170, and TK1170 but in a standalone configuration. It features a 10.1” integrated touchscreen for controlling the printheads electronic height adjustment, cleaning cycles, and network options. It also features relay outputs that can start / stop feeders and conveyors when printing is ready to go. The SA1170 has four mounting pins that can be used for custom applications where the TK1170 isn’t the right fit.


The AP1170

The AP1170 is an all in one solution for the 1170 printhead. With it’s integrated friction feeder, adjustable receiving tray, and vacuum conveyor you can have an “All Purpose” solution for printing. The AP1170 also features a cantilevered design allowing for larger media to be fed under the printhead when the 20” feed width isn’t quite enough. Simply remove the feeder (no tools required and feed on larger media such as boxes.